posey-headshot_smLaura Posey is an author, speaker and consultant for companies around the world on sales and marketing that attracts clients. She is the author of “Six Secrets of Sales Magnets” and the soon to be available “Sales Magnetism: The Ethical Salesperson’s Guide To Success.”

“Firecracker” is the word most used to describe Laura Posey. Her blend of humor, blatant honesty and passion for profit makes her one of the most dynamic speakers you’ll book this year. As a past top sales and management performer for a Fortune 100 company and owner of four successful small businesses, Laura knows sales.

Here’s what you get when you book Laura:

•    Guaranteed sales results for your audience
•    Focused and motivated audience members
•    Follow up with the audience after the event for maximum retention
•    Huge numbers of “thank you!” for you

Whether learning “How to Plan An Entire Year In 20 Minutes” or “Effective Marketing for Insanely Busy Business Owners” your audience will walk away from their time with Laura knowing exactly what their next step is to double their sales and profitability.

Your audience will be motivated, focused and driving more sales than they ever thought possible. And when they win, you do, too.

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Laura Posey
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2706 Enterprise Parkway, Richmond, VA 23294

You can visit Laura at www.dancingelephants.net or @lauraposey on Twitter.